Training & Simulation

Training & Simulation


Well trained and prepared personnel are indispensable to the success of any organization, especially to combat units. Our troops must be ready for contingencies that range from irregular warfare to full spectrum operations.

ZelTech personnel have an outstanding track record of providing live “force on force” and “force on target” training and battlefield effect simulation systems. Our principal customers are the Army PEO for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), and the Marine Corps Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS). We also have customers in other military services, including international forces. We support major live training centers as well as home station ranges.

We have a proven track record in:

  • Innovative solutions to extend and enhance service life and functionality of legacy systems
  • Flexible solutions that address training challenges for fluid and changing warfighter threats
  • Credible training solutions that are economical, realistic and quick to field
  • Offering a modular product portfolio that services tactical and strategic needs
  • Turn-key installation and life cycle support for training and simulation systems and devices

Out technical focus includes:

  • Instrumented battlefields, explosives, and targets and weapons effects
  • Economical and efficient player/weapon ID Tracking in Urban Environments
  • Casualty assessment, effects, treatment, and logistics training
  • Legacy system performance enhancement and life cycle extension
  • Next Generation Non- Laser systems
  • Power Management and Standardization

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Air and Space Operations Center Trainer

We maintain and upgrade the Command and Control Weapon System Part Task Trainer (C2WSPTT), a modeling and simulation (M&S) tool that prepares individuals at their home garrisons to perform assigned roles when deployed to Air and Space Operation Centers (AOCs). 

A simple interface allows the operator to extract relevant data from existing databases. With this information, the C2WSPTT generates a simulated air picture, data feeds, videos, message traffic and interactive scenario control to support AOC Mission Qualification and Continuation Training.


Air Defense Training

ZelTech helps train Army Air and Missile Defense Command personnel prior to their deployment to the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC) in Washington, DC. We prepare them to prosecute various Tracks of Interest (TOI), provide updates, build databases, and manage the tactical display used in the JADOC. 

We also provide role players at AFNORTH/NORAD exercises to give Army Air Defense Artillery trainees a better understanding of how the JADOC operates during actual air defense operations.


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