Homeland Security and Command & Control

ZelTech supports key Command & Control components of US and North American air defense, and we support weapons of mass destruction (WMB) contingency planning and preparation. picture

Air Defense

ZelTech assists North American Aerospace Defense Command and US Pacific Command at command and control centers in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska. We are responsible for installation, integration, training and site acceptance testing for software and hardware at these sites.

We also support Air Force (1st Air Force/AFNORTH) elements assigned to NORAD. Our personnel:

  • Monitor the status of airborne and ground-based data link activity
  • Enhance situational awareness and resolve communications problems
  • Ensure proper communications between interceptor aircraft and NORAD sector controllers
  • Maintain and update critical checklists and quick reference guides used in daily operations
  • Help develop and maintain policies and procedures related to Defense support to Civil Authorities
  • Manage Web Portal content, and issue and maintain computers and mobile devices
  • Develop emergency relocation plans and provide associated training

ZelTech helps train Army Air and Missile Defense Command personnel prior to their deployment to the Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC) in Washington, DC. 


WMD Contingency Planning and Preparation

Military-Civil Authority Contingency Planning & Exercises

We help U.S. Northern Command Joint Task Force – Civil Support (JTF-CS) prepare DOD forces to respond to any chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear incidents within the United States. In these situations, DOD forces will assist federal, state, local, and tribal partners in saving lives, preventing further injury, and providing critical support to enable community recovery. JTF-CS also plays a key role in supporting FEMA as they deal with natural disasters in the United States.

ZelTech personnel build emergency plans, develop and maintain IT capabilities and personnel services, and create continuity of operations (COOP) agreements. We maintain 24/7 readiness to deploy anywhere in the CONUS at any time.

Domestic Nuclear Event Attribution (DNEA)

ZelTech personnel help the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Air Force develop a rapid nuclear forensics-based response capability for a possible domestic nuclear event. We provide program management and are involved in needs definition, concept development, R&D program support, test and evaluation, and exercise support.


For further information, please contact:

Support to Contingency Planning & Preparation
Pete Towell

ZelTech Support to Air Defense Operations
Bill Morrell

Capabilities & Services

  • Threat and Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Collection Management
  • Integrated Security Solution & Road Map
  • Concept Development
  • Technology Analysis
  • Communications Interoperability
  • CBRNE Equipment Integration
  • Emergency Response Management
  • Program Management
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Systems Design & Engineering
  • Program & Contractor Management
  • Stakeholder Liaison & Media Support
  • Exercises and Training
  • System Life Cycle Management