C4ISR and Technical Services

C4ISR and Technical Services

ZelTech personnel provide extensive C4ISR and technical services to a wide variety of national defense customers. We stand ready to provide you with proven thought leadership and advanced technical expertise to markedly improve the ability of your organization to collaborate, decide and act

International Arms Treaty Monitoring

ZelTech supports global nuclear treaty monitoring and compliance. Our scientists and engineers work to provide improved detection and analysis of nuclear events; conduct advanced nuclear forensics; increase radiological safety and control; and support radionuclide laboratory operations. ZelTech does weapons effects modeling and sensor installation and logistics

Remote Sensing Technology Research and Development

ZelTech helps Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) investigate multi-spectral propagation through atmospheric, marine, and land environments. We provide program office support and perform research and development and modeling and simulation for NAVAIR concerning remote sensing technologies and sensor systems.

Scientific, Engineering and Technical Assistance

ZelTech supports the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) by providing SMEs, scientists and engineers to assist in mapping critical intelligence capability gaps to the best current and emerging technologies and rapidly delivering optimal technological solutions spanning the full range of DIA intelligence operations. We work with multiple, diverse efforts contracted to private industry, academia and national laboratories to deliver new or improved mission performance capabilities in intelligence tasking, collection, exploitation, analysis and dissemination.

Counter-Threat Support

ZelTech provides the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency (JIDA) with expertise in research, experimental development, and rapid acquisition; development and fielding of counter-threat technologies; and delivering urgent mission solutions in support of operations throughout the globe. We identify and maintain an understanding of risks, vulnerabilities, and capability gaps of the Joint Force to drive rapid assessments, thus enabling informed investments in counter-threat technologies and non-materiel solutions within the combatant command's latest time of value.

ISR Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination and Knowledge Management

ZelTech provides Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support for the planning, integration, and training of new and existing Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Processing Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) systems and tactics techniques and procedures (TTP). Analysts provide Intelligence collection, exploitation, reporting, fusion, dissemination, and evaluation capabilities in support of AFSOC and the Distributed Common Ground System-Special Operation Forces (SOF) enterprise. Our analysts and SMEs provide 24/7/365 ISR PED support to SOF missions world-wide. Additionally ZelTech Staff Action officers and SMEs provide the AFSOC/A2 with expertise and advisement in Intelligence Analysis, Information Security/Assurance, ISR Operations (Current and Future Programs), Intelligence Training, and HUMINT Collection Management.

ZelTech facilitates the reliable data and media sharing with USCENTCOM members and Coalition partners, facilitates the integration of people, processes, and tools/technology across the USCENTCOM Intelligence Enterprise and provides technical and subject matter expert coverage twenty-four hours a day to create operational, entity and intelligence reports from unstructured and structured sources to support data fusion.

ZelTech provides support to Air Combat Command (ACC) A5D to analyze/define shortfalls or inefficiencies and deliver solutions to improve systems, architectures and business processes related to critical mission areas of the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Weapon System (WS) Enterprise. Our personnel analyze the current DCGS weapon system enterprise management approach to identify gaps in processes and integration capabilities. We also identify gaps and system engineering process changes for sustainment, modernization and innovation activities leveraging best practices from commercial industry, similar DoD IT weapon systems (i.e., GCCS, AOC) and Intelligence Community programs. We provide systems and architectural engineering and analysis to ACC in the course of developing, maturing, assessing, and integrating the command and control and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance warfighting processes of the Air Force. These activities and studies and analyses include Air Force mission objectives for Command and Control (C2) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), integration of C2 and ISR capabilities, and exploring the use and incorporation of new technology into ACC projects to resolve operational capability and/or support issues.

Airborne ISR Operations and Support

ZelTech provides analysis, research, training, operational and airspace integration support to implement and sustain the required elements of the USSOCOM unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and USAF (including the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves) small UAS (SUAS) programs. Our personnel provide the Government the capability to continually assess mission needs, assist system operators in the planning and execution of real- world contingencies, experiments, evaluations, exercises, and training, develop concepts of operations and employment, develop and maintain procedures for airspace coordination, deconfliction, and integration. We also develop educational courseware and syllabus for classroom training, develop and monitor standardized training programs for each unmanned system, develop and maintain databases to track operational status of command unmanned systems, and provide expertise to integrate unmanned systems in the USAF, AFSOC's force mix, and throughout all USSOCOM components.


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Capabilities & Services

  • Collection Management
  • Development Test and Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Communications Interoperability
  • RF & Optical Sensor Concepts
  • CBRNE Equipment Integration
  • Program Management
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Systems Design & Engineering
  • Best-of-Breed Source Selection
  • Program & Contractor Management
  • Exercises and Training
  • System Life Cycle Management
  • Policy Development & Execution